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  • Could the next big health food be created by a fitness app?
  • Could the next big health food be created by a fitness app?
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Lifesum Green: a health juice blended with big data

The green juice craze has taken off in recent years, earning endorsements from celebrities and wellness gurus alike. But does the hype match the health benefits? Health app Lifesum hopes to prove it can – it's used big data from 30,000 users to blend a juice tailored specifically to Londoners.

Location United Kingdom

Green juice has gained a loyal following in recent years, with everyone from celebrities to wellness gurus singing its praises. And its meteoric rise has undoubtedly been boosted by its Insta-appeal, with over 670,000 posts proudly captioned #GreenJuice

Eyeing what seems to be a ripe business opportunity, fitness app Lifesum has partnered with juice bar Crussh to launch its very own label of green juice. But as the credibility of ‘wellness experts’ – its most vocal supporters – and the safety of juice cleanses are called into question, is now the right time? Or will ...



  • Article image Is dieting really dead?

    The way people lose weight is changing. Out are the cardboard-tasting diet foods, awkward meet-ups and communal weight shaming, in are the whole foods, digital apps and sexy workout gear. But is dieting really dead? And how are consumer attitudes towards wellness changing?

  • Article image Are we all schizophrenic eaters?

    Burger fads and 1,000-calorie ready meals hardly fit in with a society that’s increasingly obsessed with healthy eating. But while these polarising trends paint a schizophrenic food landscape, they show how indulgent foods express our freedoms. After all, no one likes to be told what to eat.

  • Article image Juicero: fresh juice delivered to your door

    We’ve long been drinking coffee by the capsule, but what if we could do the same with juice? Start-up Juicero has raised $120 million to do just that – deliver the freshest juices to home-service dispensers to bring juicers better quality than is available in the shops. How big could it be?

  • Article image YOU-app: get healthier and happier one step at a time

    Setting unrealistic goals is something we all do, especially when it comes to self-improvement. We strive to be fitter, smarter, kinder, or to eat more healthily. But shaking off old habits is hard. Sometimes we don’t even get started. Can a step-by-step app, informed by behavioural science, come to our rescue?