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  • Can curation cure choice paralysis?
  • Can curation cure choice paralysis?
    Deutschland 83 (2015) ©

Walter Presents: curating your next binge-watch

2015 was a historic year for TV fans, with more scripted shows to choose from than ever before. So how does anyone know where to start? For Channel 4, the answer lies in Walter, the affable face of its new streaming service and curator of the very best in serious, compulsive world drama.

Location United Kingdom

Walter Iuzzolino is a friendly-looking man. Sitting in his study, sporting a tank top and accompanied by a pot of coffee, he tells you about the next show you really must watch – an erotic supernatural thriller from Denmark.

“You’d wanna watch this because it’s fantastic Scandi fare,” he gushes. “It’s the writer of The Bridge and the director of The Killing. It’s a lesbian love affair between a witch and a vampire. It’s pregnant witches being burnt in the middle of the forest. It’s darker, sexier and bolder than anything you’ve seen before. This will have you gripped ...



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