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  • The hoverboard is ‘the Gen Y’ Segway
  • The hoverboard is ‘the Gen Y’ Segway
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Hoverboards: the chic way to Segway

For all its early hype, the Segway became a rolling joke by the end of the noughties. ‘Hoverboards’ have now made the concept and tech more compact and convenient, with rideables set to be the hot gadget for Christmas 2015. But who’s using these self-balancing scooters and why?

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“I think it sucks,” said Steve Jobs when he first saw the Segway back in 2001. [1] Touted as an invention that would revolutionise the way we move, it quickly fizzled away after a couple of high profile accidents. [2] The bulkiness, expensive price tag and inability to adapt to the urban layout in cities hindered mass adoption, and it’s now only used by warehouse workers and police officers.

Now, a personal transport device has taken the concept and technology of the Segway and made it more compact and convenient. Companies such as Phunkee ...



  • WalkCar is a speedy alternative to walking WalkCar is a speedy alternative to walking

    WalkCar may not be the hoverboard that Back To The Future promised us, but it’s not far off. Created by Japanese inventor Kuniaki Sato, 'the world’s smallest electric car' carries passengers like a Segway and fits right into your backpack. But will it become a widely adopted mode of transport?

  • Article image Gogoro: smart commuting for congested city dwellers

    For city livers, the grime and grind of the daily commute will always be a bug bear. New technologies and changes to infrastructure are looking to make getting around your city a little more practical. Can Gogoro’s electric, rechargeable scooters present a long term solution for the modern city dweller?

  • Electric skateboards for an urban future Electric skateboards for an urban future

    The hoverboards that Back To The Future promised for 2015 might still be a pipe dream, but the next best thing is on its way. Electric skateboards are here, and they're lighter, faster and more sophisticated. The latest, the ZBoard 2, proved an instant hit at CES 2015.

  • Article image Why Generation Y won’t take the wheel

    The desire to own and drive your own car used to be a life-defining characteristic for young Brits – but its importance is fading. And it’s the same case in other countries too, from the US and Germany to Japan and Australia. But why? And how is the car industry responding?