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  • Why are 30-year-olds going back to camp?
  • Why are 30-year-olds going back to camp?
    Camp No Counselors (2015) ©

Camp No Counselors: grown-ups overrun kids’ retreats

Summer camp is a quintessentially American experience, forging memories of paddling canoes, swimming in lakes and endless campfires for those that went. Camp No Counselors is bringing back that summer feeling by letting adults overrun kids’ retreats, but what’s driving grown-ups back to camp?

Location United States

Summer camp is a quintessentially American experience. For those that went as a kid, their fondest memories are often of paddling canoes, swimming in lakes, and cooking s’mores around a campfire. Fast forward to adult life and most people’s days consist of work, emails and commuting, with no time for playing in the mud during a thunderstorm.

Camp No Counselors is bringing that summer camp feeling back into adults’ lives by letting grown-ups temporarily overrun kids’ retreats. With each of its weekend trips getting booked up way in advance, what’s driving 30-year-olds back to camp?





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