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  • Solar energy isn’t just for hippies
  • Solar energy isn’t just for hippies
    Chris JL, Creative Commons (2011) ©

SolarCity: saving some cash to save the planet

Solar power is no longer just for eco warriors. Energy efficiency has become a status symbol, and 80% of US homeowners say it impacts their home-buying decision. Can SolarCity, with it’s easy-to-install panels, persuade people to invest in solar and save money whilst also saving the planet?

Location United States

Solar power has long held a bad rap. Whether it’s the presumption that people who have solar panels are hippies, or the fear that installing them means transforming your roof into an eyesore, there are plenty of reasons for people to turn their noses up at clean energy.

But in recent years, there’s been a shift in perception; 55% of consumers say they’re considering investing in solar panels within the next five years. [1] And in 2014, solar and wind energy were the leading new energy sources behind natural gas. [2] At the ...



  • Article image Who wants to be in control of their energy bills?

    People loathe energy companies; only one in six Brits trusts them to work in their best interests. And yet, as smart meters become the norm, customers are choosing tariffs that give them less control, handing the reigns back to the providers. So what’s going on?

  • Article image GE LightGrid: bright lights, big data

    Up to 40% of a city’s electricity use may be dedicated to street lighting. But what if lampposts could do more than illuminate pavements? What if they could get brighter under dark clouds or give a lost driver directions? GE has created bulbs that work harder and longer for cities of the future.

  • Article image Tesla Powerwall: sparking an energy revolution

    Seen as the ‘missing piece’ to a clean energy future by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, Powerwall is a battery that stores electricity from solar panels, or from the grid when utility rates are low. Available for your home and for businesses, can Powerwall spark an energy system revolution?

  • Article image Solarbox: turning phone boxes from red to green

    As developments in mobile technology mean we do everything from plan journeys to order pizza on-the-go, that 'low battery' icon is more present than ever, and it's making us anxious – 92% of Brits get stressed if their phone dies. Could Solarbox be the solution we've been waiting for?