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  • Australia’s Gen Y are loving local
  • Australia’s Gen Y are loving local
    Louisa Billeter, Creative Commons (2013) ©

Why are more Aussies shopping local?

Half of Aussies say buying local is the most important thing to do to strengthen the economy. And it's not just older generations shopping with their local grocer – 20% of Gen Y support local businesses by promoting them online. Why are Aussies turning down the big boys in favour of smaller brands?

Location Australia

“There’s a good way that you can avoid all of this,” said Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce on Australian TV, following the recall of Chinese-grown frozen berries linked to a number of Hepatitis A cases. “Make sure you eat Australian products.” [1]

While growing numbers of Australians were already shopping locally – half the population say buying local is the most important thing to do to strengthen the economy – it’s the Nanna’s frozen berries recall that’s ricocheting this figure. And it’s no longer just older generations looking to shop in their neighbourhood – one ...



  • Online beauty marketplace launches in Brazil Online beauty marketplace launches in Brazil

    Whether it’s those luxuriously thick locks or that sun-kissed skin, Brazilian women are known for their beauty – and they fork out a lot to maintain it. German start-up Vaniday is capitalising; it's set to shake up the industry by making it easier than ever for Brazilians to book in for a blow-dry.

  • Article image Bad Frankie: a local watering hole for Aussie artisans

    Mexicans have tequila and tacos. Americans have bourbon and hamburgers. But what are Australia's iconic food and drinks? Bad Frankie, a craft spirits bar in Melbourne  is serving up Tasmanian whisky and ‘jaffles’. Can it get Australians taking pride in their local cuisine?

  • Article image Why Australians want faster food and speedier shopping

    The sun-worshipping, beach-dwelling, slow-living Australian stereotype has never been less accurate. Tech-based solutions and on-demand services are creating an expectation of convenience. But while brands cater to the speed with which Australians consume, are they at risk of sacrificing an emotional connection?

  • Article image Gelato Messina: an Aussie ice cream mecca

    Australians are the world's third biggest consumers of ice cream, eating 18 litres per year. Specialised retailer Gelato Messina has reported 60% year-on-year growth. Can stores like this “Aussie ice cream Mecca” beat the big franchises and redefine the nation’s food habits?