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  • 'Made in Portugal': increasingly conspicuous and synonymous with quality
  • 'Made in Portugal': increasingly conspicuous and synonymous with quality
    Kevin Morris, Creative Commons (2011) ©

CR7 Footwear: building Portugal’s national brand

CR7 Footwear is the latest addition to Cristiano Ronaldo’s formidable superbrand – currently valued at $8 million. But this premium men’s footwear label represents more than a celebrity-endorsed line; it’s the latest offering in Portugal’s impressive entrance onto the world stage of luxury goods.

Location Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo is something of a superbrand. Valued by Forbes at $8 million, and with a celebrity profile as impressive as his bank balance, the man even has his own museum – Museu CR7 can be found on the footballer’s native island of Madeira. [1][2]

And he’s winning on social media as much as he is on the football pitch, with more than 85 million Facebook fans (more than any other sportsman) and over 26 million Twitter followers. [3] So does it really come as any surprise that he’s now launched ...



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