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  • More and more people are open to spontaneous holidays
  • More and more people are open to spontaneous holidays
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Flight Tonight: last-minute trips for spontaneous travellers

Last-minute holidays account for around £26 billion annually, while one in three in the UK thinks they have a “spontaneous personality”. Can Flight Tonight, an app that offers the cheapest flights departing at nearby airports in just a few hours, cater to these risky travellers?

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There was once a time when planning a holiday meant trawling through guide books, listening to countless recommendations from friends, and painstakingly making sure you were booking the right flights, for the right people, to the right place. But technology has made travelling easier than ever – now that we can use the same apps and services we use at home anywhere, we can feel like locals wherever we go. [1] But what about people that don’t want to plan their holidays to the nth degree? Has technology killed off the spontaneous holiday?

Apparently not. ...



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    What do people want from a flight?

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    YPlan: smart spontaneity

    In a smartphone-centric society, people are accustomed to living by their own schedules, and on their own terms. Enter YPlan, an app that takes the hassle out of having to plan ahead.

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    Why more choice isn't always better

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    How KLM is engaging the connected traveller

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