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  • Frictionless intimacy through wordless communication
  • Frictionless intimacy through wordless communication
    Garry Knight, Creative Commons (2012) ©

Visual teens: will Facebook Stickers stick?

As young people flock to WhatsApp, LINE and other chat apps, Facebook struggles to stay relevant. In response, it's improving communication with Stickers – bigger and better emoticons.

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Teens have always sought to build their own social spaces away from the prying eyes of parents – and social media is no different. And as more mums and dads join Facebook, the platform is struggling to remain relevant for the next generation. Whether Snapchat or WhatsApp, young people are turning to new, more personally relevant apps – and where better to build such spaces than on their own handheld devices?

Now, the social media giant has an answer. After serious investment, involving Pixar illustrators and psychologists at UC Berkeley, their answer is 'better emoticons', otherwise known as ...