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  • Algorithms won't shape youth culture
  • Algorithms won't shape youth culture
    Kris Krüg, Creative Commons (2010) ©

Tuned in: how 'Generation App' are redefining radio

For generations growing up with every song at their fingertips and algorithms replacing DJs, how is the medium of radio being redefined, and what new roles can it fulfil?

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From Netflix to Spotify, iTunes to Amazon, the digitisation of media has brought swift technological change. Yet in the pursuit of efficiency, new gadgets and gizmos can often overlook the cultures and behaviours that have developed around older mediums. New music services like iTunes and Spotify aren't killing radio, but redefining its role as a medium.

From its beginnings in the 1950s until relatively recently, youth culture, identity and style were centred on music. The medium through which this culture was discovered was radio – and in particular, pirate radio. [1]

Today's smartphone generation, however, ...