Oct 27, 2021Keeping Ten, behaviors to watch September 2021

From getting deeper into the metaverse to finding new forms of digital expression in the social media landscape, from EV anxiety to a nowstalgic boom, people are wrestling with some major questions around identity, mental health and the future of sustainability as we approach the end of year.

We've put together a list of 10 behaviours driving cultural shifts that should be on your radar, now. You can use these behaviours to drive new business models, inspire a change in brand direction, or identify a market opportunity that you feel may be missing. Go ahead, arm yourself with curated expert cultural insights that'll keep you one step ahead of the game!

J’Nae Phillips

Gen Z wants to creatively express themselves in digital spaces - As the metaverse is tipped to become the future of tech, there's a fresh opportunity for brands to engage with younger audiences in new and creative ways, such as SK-II creating a virtual city to transport users to the virtual streets of Tokyo, with ads featuring Olympians like Simone Biles.

People thrill seek in healthier places
- Younger generations, Gen Yers and Zers, are getting endorphin fixes from healthier places. An interest in better-for-you alternatives means brands should consider ways of offering fun and thrills that aren't centered around drinking.

People look for a modern take on all things nostalgic - As brands tap into their heritage years in new advertising campaigns, new and younger audiences are asserting themselves culturally by leaning into nostalgic cues.

Younger people turn to TikTok to shop like their favourite influencers
- Brands are entering the e-commerce space by partnering with social media sites to offer in-app shopping, giving consumers a way to directly purchase what their favourite creators are promoting.

People are valuing their time over making small talk
- Phone calls have become time-consuming and anxiety-inducing for Gen Yers and Zers, with brands needing to find digital ways of catering to younger audiences or face being left behind.

People look for credibility in the social media landscape
- Credibility is a high priority for social media users as they become more critical of online influencers, with brands aiming to tackle this by offering short-form educational videos.

People are worrying about charging electric vehicles amidst growing EV anxiety
- As manufacturers focus their efforts on upgrading systems to dispel range anxiety for commuters, brands can address misconceptions by getting people to rethink their assumptions regarding something new and unfamiliar.

People prioritise mental health over social media usage - The pandemic aggravated mental health issues and called for a greater awareness of them across industries, giving social media giant TikTok the opportunity to support users by taking mental health concerns more seriously, setting a precedent for the entire industry.

People reimagine skater culture amidst nowstalgic boom
- Skateboarding has experienced a resurgence across style and culture, with fashion brands cashing in on this newfound interest. How can heritage brands reinterpret this subculture to appeal to new and younger audiences?

People look for reuse and return schemes to tackle plastic waste
- As waste-conscious consumers who favour the refillable concept feel let down by slow uptake, brand collaborations could look to make reuse and return schemes a more convenient reality.

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