Oct 20, 2021HSBC UK ad calls out the perils of borders

In an ad starring Richard Ayoade, HSBC is aiming to highlight the negative impact of borders – both figuratively and literally – by ‘opening up a world of opportunity’. By working to alleviate money stressors and confusion for many, the brand is showing that it’s invested in closing the equality gap.

Christina Møller

Following the successful ‘We are not an island’ spot from 2018, Wunderman Thompson’s campaign for HSBC marks the launch of the brand’s updated global purpose: ‘Opening up a world of opportunity’. The ad stars actor and comedian Richard Ayoade and follows him as he explores some of the UK’s borders to opportunity and how we’re better off without them. “We believe we have a role to play in removing these barriers; from helping people without a fixed home address open a bank account to funding scholarships for the next generation of Black students at Cambridge University, we’re determined to play our part in creating a society where there is equal opportunity for all,” says Becky Moffat, HSBC chief marketing officer.

The campaign appeals to people’s sense of unity, encouraging viewers to value cooperation and solidarity, and break down borders. Its autumn 2021 launch is timely, being released amid a shortage of truck drivers, fuel crisis, and resulting panic buying, as the effects of Brexit are hitting the UK. With consumers expecting brands to behave with integrity and be active in creating positive change, HSBC is heeding the consumer call by rising to society’s problems in a concrete way. Financial matters can feel overwhelming due to confusing jargon, which is why people are seeking out services that offer empathy and understanding. Brands can respond to people’s needs for clarity and support about money matters by giving them easy-to-use tools that simplify their finances.

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