August 9, 2018Kaia health democratises personal training with AI

Kaia Health aims to transform the world of fitness by integrating AI-powered motion tracking tech into its fitness apps. With people concerned they can't afford a personal trainer, apps like Perfect Squat Challenge allow people to access high-quality training at a fraction of the price. We explore the insights behind the innovations and understand how AI can be used to democratise the health and fitness industry.

Lucia Seoane-Pampin

Digital therapy company Kaia Health, has developed the Perfect Squat Challenge which is the first fitness app that uses AI-powered motion tracking technology. The app transforms into a virtual personal trainer that focuses on achieving the perfect squat. Users see their own body on their screens while Kaia guides them through 16 key points in the body and gives them personalised real-time audio and video feedback. The app also provides an online community to encourage and motivate users to compete against friends for a score. Kaia Health aims to expand its exercise repertoire.

From people being scared to visit the dentist, to long waiting lists at GPs, traditional healthcare is racked with problems, leaving people 'hacking' ways to take control of their own wellbeing; they're already embracing technology to achieve the best version of themselves – 72% of Britons are already tracking their wellbeing, with 42% of British Gen Yers using tech to do so. "Breakthroughs in AI-powered motion tracking and correction technology means that everyone now has access to a virtual personal trainer and physiotherapist on their iPhone," says Maximilian Strobel, head of Kaia Health’s AI Lab. "This democratises access to high-quality, bespoke fitness, rehabilitation and physiotherapy - and could reduce the burden on health services."

Lucia Seoane-Pampin is a behavioral analyst at Canvas8, which specializes in behavioral insights and consumer research. Born and raised in Spain, she loves experiencing different cultures and emotional expressions. She studied psychology and communications in Boston and has a master’s in digital & visual media.

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