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  • Lack of menopause info leaves women unprepared
  • Lack of menopause info leaves women unprepared
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Lack of menopause info leaves women unprepared

Menopause. Perimenopause. Most people have heard the words but how many really know what they mean? Despite the fact that it’s an almost-universal experience for women, no one really talks about it, and as a result, nearly half of women feel unprepared for this chapter in their lives.



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    What do Britons want from preventative beauty?

    Increasing worries about the long-term impacts of sun damage and pollution are leading people to seek remedies that prevent rather than cure. With eco concerns also at the forefront of their minds, are beauty brands effectively integrating prevention into their own products?

  • The Cusp’s telemedicine helps women manage menopause

    The Cusp’s telemedicine helps women manage menopause

    Telemedicine service The Cusp is helping American women test their hormones to predict if they are in perimenopause or menopause. Healthcare is limited for many women in the US so telemedicine alternatives are bridging access and affordability gaps for greater health equality. 

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    What do menopausal women want from beauty brands?

    All sorts of stigmas are being broken in today's beauty industry, but the needs of menopausal women are often ignored. Absent in ads and lacking products for their changing skin and hair, these women are now pushing brands to step up and address this ‘last taboo’ without any sugar-coating.

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    Why attitudes towards the menopause are changing

    The ‘change’, ‘time of life’ or – more simply – the menopause, remains a taboo topic for many; 70% of menopausal women don’t inform their employer that they’re experiencing symptoms. But how are they coping and how is increased media coverage changing the way this life stage is discussed?