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  • PepsiCo’s pandemic kits deliver convenient snacking
  • PepsiCo’s pandemic kits deliver convenient snacking
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PepsiCo’s pandemic kits deliver convenient snacking

With people wary of supermarket crowds, direct-to-consumer strategies are proving a smart way to reach them and ease anxiety. PepsiCo is bringing its pantry favorites to people’s homes with two websites – pantryshop.com and snacks.com – so people can easily get hold of everyday goods.



  • Article image Heinz To Home: D2C bundles to fill pandemic pantries

    Panic-buying at supermarkets has made it difficult for many people to get hold of the everyday goods they need. With traditional fulfilment channels stretched by COVID-19, Heinz is embracing a direct-to-consumer model to get its products into pantries with just a few clicks.

  • Article image What would make people loyal to brands post-crisis?

    With public resources stretched, COVID-19 has created opportunities for brands to demonstrate their pro-social values. But how are people evaluating their responses to the crisis? Canvas8 spoke to 16 Britons and Americans to learn how brand actions may affect customer loyalty in the future.

  • Bacardi deliveries quench thirst for cocktails at home Bacardi deliveries quench thirst for cocktails at home

    With many of life's leisure activities limited amid social distancing, Bacardi and Deliveroo have teamed up to give people a pick-me-up. The partnership will allow bars to deliver cocktails to people in the UK, which means they can get their favourite drinks while supporting local businesses.

  • Article image How are meal kits catering to American eating habits?

    Appealing to those seeking both convenience and healthy food, meal kits are expanding from doorstep delivery to grocery stores, where their à la carte options allow shoppers to make last-minute eating decisions. As we try to do more with less time, how are these kits transforming our days?