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  • Gillette starts trolling Dollar Shave Club
  • Gillette starts trolling Dollar Shave Club
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Gillette starts trolling Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is perhaps the archetypal challenger brand. In 2012, its cheeky viral video poked fun at shaving giants like Gillette and Schick for producing over-engineered razors. Although Gillette is hitting back with a series of confrontational tweets, the campaign is backfiring.



  • Dollar Shave Club gets TV adverts Dollar Shave Club gets TV adverts

    Dollar Shave Club is the archetypal challenger brand. It burst onto the shaving market in 2012 with an outlandish YouTube video that went viral, creating an overwhelming demand for its razors. While it grew through social media, it's now launching its first TV campaign.

  • Article image Harry’s: hipster razors to challenge Gillette

    For many men, shaving is one of life's necessities, with 75% of American men shaving daily. But a marketing war between Gillette and Schick has created a razor market that's expensive and over-engineered. Selling cheaper, back-to-basics razors, can Harry's offer an alternative?

  • Article image ‘Sh*t, Shave, Shower, Shampoo’: Australia’s male beauty mantra?

    Beauty Mate is one of Australia's favourite men's skincare brands. But how does this modern shampooed, shaved and waxed man sit alongside the traditional view of the Aussie bloke?

  • Article image What Women Want: how Gillette is normalising 'below-the-neck' shaving

    It's rapidly becoming the norm for men to shave 'below-the-neck', and as they become more open to grooming, Gillette's 'What Women Want' campaign sparks a dialogue about beauty routines.