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  • Finding real solace in virtual friends
  • Finding real solace in virtual friends
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Finding real solace in virtual friends

From forums about cancer treatments to Tumblr accounts dedicated to dealing with mental illness, the internet is a virtual support group for many online users. And while you might turn to your BFF in times of need, a virtual friend could actually be more honest and informed.



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    Technology is part of every aspect of our lives. But amongst the innovation, there are questions about what exactly we’re trading in for these advancements. Do smartphones actually disconnect us? Has Google made us stupid? And is making friends with robots messing up our kids?

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    Has social media killed the art of conversation for teens? Not according to author, social media expert and youth researcher danah boyd - who says it's "nothing more than a release valve to changes that have happened in the real world." We caught up with her to learn more.

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    The rise of digitisation has placed the modern parent in a world of unclear routines and shifting ideas of normality. Lynn Schofield Clark explains the changes and challenges parents face.

  • Your real friends are your online friends Your real friends are your online friends

    According to a recent UK MySpace study of over 16,000 social network users, a good portion of the youth demographic admit to feeling more comfortable sharing and communicating with friends online than they do when logged out of cyberspace.