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  • Social networks fined over cyberbullying
  • Social networks fined over cyberbullying
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Social networks fined over cyberbullying

Bullying is an unfortunate staple in everybody’s life growing up – whether they're dealing it out, taking it or observing it. But as it increasingly transcends the boundaries of the schoolyard to manifest in new ways online, who should be responsible for protecting the vulnerable and impressionable?



  • Article image Can the internet ever be ‘kid-friendly’?

    At age 3, around a quarter of children go online daily, increasing to about 50% by age 5. And if the internet really is as “dangerous as letting children go out into the street”, is child-friendly software and brightly-coloured ‘kid versions’ enough to keep Gen Z surfers safe and happy?

  • Article image Why Twitter is just a digital high school

    Has social media killed the art of conversation for teens? Not according to author, social media expert and youth researcher danah boyd - who says it's "nothing more than a release valve to changes that have happened in the real world." We caught up with her to learn more.

  • Article image Digital disclosure: the bear that makes people share

    The internet 'meme' is a culmination of sharing, interaction and visuals, opening new communication channels between internet users. But how can brands gain access to these channels?

  • Article image Mean Stinks: how P&G created a social movement for tweens

    Keen to encourage a new generation of consumers to take up Secret deodorant, parent company P&G tapped into a broad social concern that connects parents and children alike: bullying.