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  • Americans want shiny new furniture
  • Americans want shiny new furniture
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Americans want shiny new furniture

Americans are giving away family heirlooms, and some are even paying junk-removal services to get rid of their prized possessions. With the cost of furniture having fallen 50% over the past 30 years, the market for second-hand furniture seems to have disappeared.



  • Article image What does a Millennial’s home look like?

    In 2013, property prices in the UK increased by over 11%. Living spaces may be getting more expensive (and smaller) but new schemes aim to make houses better connected and personally serviced too. How are people and brands reacting to the changing nature of our homes?

  • H&M closing the textile loop H&M closing the textile loop

    Having announced in 2012 plans to create the world’s first global clothes recycling programme, H&M has now revealed a new line of denim products made from repurposed clothing. Proceeds from the sales will fund projects to close the loop on textiles.

  • Sustainable second-hand shopping Sustainable second-hand shopping

    Mrs Bear's Swap Shop offers people the opportunity to fulfil their shopping needs while getting rid of unwanted clothes by swapping them with other people. Tapping into the growing desire to be resourceful, the events are growing in popularity.

  • IKEA to sell second-hand furniture IKEA to sell second-hand furniture

    Shoppers eager to nab discounted furniture at cut-rate prices may soon be able to bypass Craigslist and head straight to the mother ship of cheap home furnishings: IKEA.