100 insights that shaped culture this yearBest of Insights 2023Wrap up the year with our review of 100 insights that defined the year. Join Canvas8 editors as they review the insights that stood out in 2023 and explore where they're headed next.Tuesday, 12 Dec 2023
Reviewing a tumultuous yearExplore 100 insights that encapsulate how people responded to the stresses in 2023.
Where is rage culture headed?Get up to speed on why people are processing their anger at the status quo in more extreme and novel ways.
Custom CareExplore how people are building clout around rituals, practices, and routines that push established narratives further.

51% of US Gen Yers say caring about and contributing to local communities is influential when engaging with a brand(Canvas8, 2023)
29%of UK Gen Zers say they trust influencers more when they share negative product reviews (Canvas8, 2023)
57%of US Gen Yers say they always have access to the latest, most innovative tech and often get tech before others have even heard of it (Canvas8, 2023)