Luxury magic mushroom retreats offer people a reset
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Aug 30, 2021
Luxury magic mushroom retreats offer people a reset

With the pandemic drawing to a close, people are looking for ways to optimise their mental-health and wellbeing. Luxury magic mushroom retreats are giving people an opportunity to do just that, by expanding their mind and helping people reset through the power of magic fungi.

Luxury resorts are beginning to pick up on the growing appeal of self-transformation and mind expansion. For instance, Soltara Healing Center, located in Costa Rica, is offering guests an all-inclusive ‘journey’ running from $2,600 to $8,900, depending on the room style and length of stay. The highlight of the experience is the ayahuasca ceremony led by native Shipibo healers. Another similar retreat in Vancouver, Canada, focuses on using guided mushroom ceremonies for spiritual wellbeing among major firms. Here, business leaders and executive teams use magic fungi to help align their companies with greater purpose.