Cardi B defies haters with ‘WAP’ merch for hypebeasts
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Aug 28, 2020
Cardi B defies haters with ‘WAP’ merch for hypebeasts

Following Cardi B’s record-breaking and much-talked-about single ‘WAP’, the singer has launched a line of tongue-in-cheek waterproof merch. The collection gives Gen Zers the chance to nab unique products while also allowing fans to signal their support for Cardi B amid contentious backlash.

Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B’s tune became the most streamed song ever in its first week, with 93 million streams. Now it’s being followed up with a WAP store. Differing from the usual merch offerings of t-shirts and tote bags, this collection consists of umbrellas and waterproof jackets in a nod to the water-based innuendos that feature heavily in the song. By harnessing this theme, the collection also sends a defiant message to people who’ve criticized the song for being overly sexual, a critique that’s been slammed for reinforcing misogynistic and racist tropes when it comes to Black female musicians, especially when their music touches on sex and sexuality. Prices range from $25 to $125, which means fans can get their hands on products without breaking the bank.