The post-sneaker brands showing up on UK streets
29 Apr 2024
The post-sneaker brands showing up on UK streets

As demand for sneakers falters, with directional style consumers looking to put something else on their feet, heritage-rich brands are growing in popularity. While these brands might not be ‘new’ to the market, their footwear is providing new platforms for self-expression.

Grace Cook

Grace Cook is a UK-based journalist who covers culture, style, and travel. She has recently focused on the blurring of the lines between style codes, deep dives into the origin stories of brands such as Bode, and the coming together of running and fashion. Her work has appeared in the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times.

Iain Grainger

Iain Grainger is a UK-based creative consultant, buyer, and co-founder of the Instagram page Advanced.Research. Iain’s work spans developing apparel products, curating events in collaboration with brands like New Balance, and representing brands such as FCE and Jugem. Advanced.Research is a global ongoing archival and product documentation page with a community of 170,000 followers.

Dan and Allisya Pickles

Dan and Allisya are the founders of Pick Store, an online Japanese fashion and homeware store with a permanent shop in Shoreditch, London. The store stocks brands like ts(s), Toujours, and Snow Peak.

Sam Millen-Cramer

Sam Millen-Cramer is the founder of Millo Studio and a strategist based in London. Sam has over nine years of experience working with sports, fashion and hospitality brands to help them understand how best to think about launching products, growing into new markets and navigating culture. Over the years, Sam has worked with brands like On Running, Lululemon, and Dior.