How is the politicisation of sports affecting fandoms?
25 Apr 2024
How is the politicisation of sports affecting fandoms?

The controversy surrounding the World Cup in Qatar exemplified how politicisation has shaken up the sports landscape. Fans are no longer passive observers and are actively engaged in wider conversations. With social consciousness on the rise, how will sports organisations adapt to new demands?

James Allen

James Allen is a PhD candidate in sports and entertainment management at the University of South Carolina and has written for over seven years on the intersection between sports, viewing habits, and the media.

Joshua Reed

Joshua Reed is a writer, researcher, and sports journalist who contributes to the Sports Conflict Institute (SCI), an institute dedicated to identifying and minimising conflict within sporting worlds.

Joey Levenson

Joey Levenson is a writer and editor with a wealth of experience across art and culture. This includes working on the editorial team for HERO Magazine and It's Nice That as well as freelance political and economic journalism for Tribune and broader culture journalism for The Face and Dazed. They have conducted countless interviews and have shared their expertise on aesthetic trends with the likes of Facebook, Adobe, and Squarespace.