Is Australia over music festivals?
12 Apr 2024
Is Australia over music festivals?

Music festivals in Australia are collapsing due to environmental stressors, post-pandemic fallout, and young consumers seemingly becoming less keen to sign up for multi-day fetes. What direction will the future of live music take, and how will it adapt to the new generation’s evolving preferences?

Sam Whiting

Sam is a lecturer in Creative Industries at the University of South Australia. His research primarily addresses the music industries, particularly live music cultures and cultural policy. He has contributed to studies on live music ecosystems, small venues, and issues of access in live music, alongside explorations in gender studies and cultural identity. His extensive research collaborations span various universities and organisations. His first book is Small Venues: Precarity, Vibrancy and Live Music released by Bloomsbury.

Simone Schinkel

Simone is the CEO of Music Victoria, an independent, not-for-profit organisation for contemporary music in Victoria, Australia. Simone comes to Music Victoria from Theatre Network Australia, where, as general manager, she drove the sector’s COVID-19 response that centred on fundraising efforts and providing essential cash grants to those most impacted. One of her lasting legacies was the formation of a national alliance of arts industry councils to provide a national advocacy platform. She holds a Master of Arts and Cultural Management, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in technical production, and is an alumnus of the Australia Council’s Emerging Leaders Development Program and Co-convenor of the Arts Industry Council of Victoria.

Kara Ortiga

Kara Ortiga is a PhD candidate at Macquarie University in Sydney. Her research focuses on new media audiences and their relationships with technology, politics, and information. Before jumping into academia, she was a journalist in the Philippines, covering culture and the arts. Her work has been published in Esquire, VICE, and CNN Philippines, among a few.