Why beauty brands are making climate-adaptive products
13 Mar 2024
Why beauty brands are making climate-adaptive products

Amid rising climate anxiety, consumers are calling for brands to be more eco-conscious, socially responsible, and evidence-based. This is leading beauty brands to innovate with climate-adaptive products, which offer skincare solutions that counter harsh weather and give consumers peace of mind.

Carla Seipp

Carla Seipp is editorial associate at online publication and consultancy BeautyMatter, covering personal care and beauty. As a freelance journalist, she co-edited The Essence: Discovering the World of Scent, Perfume, and Fragrance, and has written for LS:N Global, Dazed, Twin, and Vestoj. Her work has been nominated for the Perfumed Plume Awards for Fragrance Journalism.

Olivia Ford

Olivia Ford is an e-commerce and digital marketing specialist with over 12 years of experience, having worked in-house for a number of international brands, including Swarovski. Now, as Foundation Agency's performance lead, she helps clients understand their online marketplace, define success, and create digital strategies that achieve their goals.

Tessa Love

Tessa Love is a writer whose work focuses on the undertones of culture and human experience. Her work has been featured in Outside Magazine, The Believer, Longreads, BBC, and more. She is also a cultural researcher and trend analyst specialising in youth behaviours and insights. She has produced reports, articles, white papers, and films that have informed the strategies of some of the world’s biggest brands, and she previously served as the editorial director of Western Europe for the global youth insights and research agency YPulse.