How kombucha became a mainstay for conscious drinkers
28 Feb 2024
How kombucha became a mainstay for conscious drinkers

Gut health conversations have been buzzing in Britain, and at the forefront of it all is the iconic fermented kombucha. But how is this wellbeing-boosting drink fitting in with British drinking culture and health-conscious consumers and how can brands learn from this growing trend?

Freya Twigden

Freya Twigden is the founder of Fix8 Kombucha and Fibe Prebiotic Soda. After studying politics at the University of Edinburgh, Twigden went to China and was introduced to the ancient Chinese tea recipe for kombucha, which she decided to bring back to her home in the UK.

Merryn Tully

Merryn Tully is a food anthropologist who specialises in sustainability and explores how food facilitates regional and cultural identities. Outside of work Tully enjoys cooking vegetarian dishes and loves exploring London’s restaurants. She is also currently volunteering with Hillingdon Food Stories, a collective of food anthropologists who are working with local communities in Hillingdon to record food stories and traditions.

Riani Kenyon

Riani Kenyon is a caffeinated Zillennial who is hopelessly addicted to The Sims 4 and binge-watches her latest anime obsession when she’s not busy bopping to early 2000’s K-pop. Beyond being a nerd, she has worked on initiatives for the UN Academic Impact and the UK Model WHO, and also explored politics while interning at the House of Commons.