The modern Luddites' fight for the human premium in AI
22 Feb 2024
The modern Luddites' fight for the human premium in AI

AI is set to transform the world of arts and culture but in line with its cataclysmic impact, a counteracting movement is forming, fighting against the proliferation of automation in the creative industry. How is this rebel faction protecting the human premium and intellectual property of artists?

Sunil Manghani

Professor Sunil Manghani is a professor of theory, practice, and critique at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton (UK), where he has established the School’s Data Image Lab. He is co-editor of the Journal of Visual Art Practice and managing editor of Theory, Culture, and Society. Professor Manghani’s research as a Turing Fellow traces aspects of the history of structuralism to consider its significance for our current handling and advancement of AI, data, and natural language processing.

Gautam Kamath

Gautam Kamath is an assistant professor at the Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. He's also a faculty member at the Vector Institute and a Canada CIFAR AI chair. At Waterloo, he's further affiliated with Waterloo.AI and the Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute. His research interests are in reliable and trustworthy statistics and machine learning, particularly considerations such as privacy and robustness.

Alexi Gunner

Alexi is a Berlin-based cultural strategist who helps clients navigate the emerging cultural zeitgeist. He has a decade of experience at global creative agencies and in-house, including AKQA, We Are Social, and Zalando. He's also the author of idle gaze, a newsletter that documents under-explored perspectives and meaningful undercurrents that influence how people connect, consume, and express themselves