How resale culture is affecting concert ticket sales
15 Feb 2024
How resale culture is affecting concert ticket sales

The demand for live entertainment has hit an all-time high, sparking a rise in the ticket resale industry, a largely unregulated sector. As incidents of scalping and scamming grow on the secondary market, how are concertgoers navigating the journey to seeing their favourite artists onstage?

Daniel Tate

Daniel Tate is the founder and author at Concert Countdown, where he explores the world of live entertainment with artist news, tour updates, and concert reviews.

Samuel Jackson

Samuel Jackson is the co-founder of Guyker Music, providing guitar and bass parts to musicians, retail stores, repair shops, and enthusiasts.

Marris Adikwu

Marris Adikwu is a culture writer and a keen observer of consumer behaviour. She also writes short stories and reads anything she can get her hands on.