How air fryers became the go-to gadget for daily cooking
31 Jan 2024
How air fryers became the go-to gadget for daily cooking

The air fryer is one of the most popular gadgets kitchens have seen in recent times, hailed by many as a game-changer. But as our infatuation with air fryers grows into a long-term relationship, how is it changing our cooking habits at home, from what we eat to when and how we go about cooking?

Jenny Tschiesche

Jenny Tschiesche, otherwise known as the Lunchbox Doctor, is a nutritional therapy practitioner and Sunday Times No.1 bestselling author who is passionate about educating families, those in the workplace and elite sports people to eat healthy and nutritious meals. She has written six books, titled The Air-Fryer Cookbook, Sheet Pan Dinners, The Modern Multi-Cooker Cookbook, Real Lunch Time Food, and The Modern Vegetarian Instant Pot Cookbook, and her most recent book, The Budget Air-Fryer Cookbook, came out in September 2023. Besides her books, Tschiesche also sees clients, delivers workshops, works with schools and athletes, and partners with companies such as supermarkets, all in her capacity as a nutritional therapist.

Helena Lang

Helena Lang is the head of content at 7C3, a leading content marketing agency in London that combines expertise in creative, code, and content.

Ellen Manning

Ellen Manning is a freelance journalist specialising in food and drink. She is a former chief reporter at the Press Association and now writes for national newspapers and magazines, as well as writing the award-winning food blog Eat with Ellen. She loves the stories behind food and how it affects and reflects our culture, and when she’s not writing about food, you’ll most likely find her eating it somewhere in the UK or further afield.