2024 Generational Snapshot of Gen X
25 Jan 2024
2024 Generational Snapshot of Gen X

The 2024 Generational Snapshot of Gen X explores how menopause has become an issue central to culture and wellbeing, how this cohort is prioritising age-specific needs in the workplace, the increased visibility of men’s mental health, and their quest to find relatable and inspiring role models.

James Kirkham

James Kirkham is a cultural futurist with a career in social, advertising, sports, and music. He founded Holler at just 23, the first agency in the world to market a TV show using social media. After selling, he spent four years in football with COPA90, Fast Company’s most innovative sports business. While running Defected Records, its virtual festival accumulated over 55 million views and gained worldwide acclaim. In 2022, Kirkham returned to his roots and started ICONIC, giving brands a queue jump to the front of popular culture.

Tom Novak

Tom Novak is a senior behavioral analyst at Canvas8. After completing his second master's degree in cultural sociology at LSE, he was drawn to cultural insight. Tom has conducted qualitative and ethnographic research from the plazas of Santiago to Coventry's suburbs. In his spare time, he can be seen rowing down the Thames or world-building around feminist science fiction.