From screens to shelves: how K-dramas are changing PPLs
4 Oct 2023
From screens to shelves: how K-dramas are changing PPLs

Product placements are common throughout entertainment worldwide, but South Korean TV shows have a unique template that consistently produces positive results. K-drama fans know it when they see it, but how effective are they in raising brand awareness and translating to sales?

Marie Adriano

Marie Adriano has been a brand planning director at a full-service marketing agency for over 30 years. Throughout her career, she has worked with a wide array of clients, including luxury brands and government accounts.

Hyun-Jung Stephany Noh PhD

Hyun-Jung Stephany Noh is a PhD candidate studying Radio, Television, and Film at the University of Texas. Her work is published in the Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema, exploring the co-commissioning of Korean network-developed dramas as Netflix Originals.

Gel Barrientos

Gel Barrientos is a writer with a strong background in digital advertising and content strategy. She consumes K-content on a daily basis and loves to travel, eat, and play tennis.