How is the ‘texture tax’ impacting Black hair consumers?
22 Aug 2023
How is the ‘texture tax’ impacting Black hair consumers?

The UK’s beauty industry still has a long way to go to ensure Black hair textures and types are accurately represented and catered towards. While Black-owned brands are emerging to fill this gap, how can the wider sector evolve to become more inclusive and overcome the ‘texture tax’?

Habiba Katsha

Habiba Katsha is a freelance journalist, writing stories around race, gender, and internet culture. She’s written for HuffPost UK, Refinery29, i, and several other publications.

Jamelia Donaldson

Jamelia Donaldson is a British entrepreneur and the founder of TreasureTress, a subscription service that offers monthly deliveries of hair care products for people with natural hair textures. Since founding TreasureTress, Donaldson has become a prominent figure in the natural hair care industry and has been recognised for her entrepreneurship and contributions to the community. She has been featured in various media outlets, including Forbes, The Guardian, and BBC News.

Tami Makinde

Tami Makinde is a Behavioural Analyst at Canvas8. With experience in leading a global newsroom and pioneering cultural conversations, she pivoted to behavioural insights. A lover of literature, alt-pop, and SZA, she spends her time discovering new music or dissecting her favourite TV shows.