How much is too much? The science of choice overload
4 Aug 2023
How much is too much? The science of choice overload

Debate has raged on about whether consumers need more options when they’re shopping or if a wide variety of products overwhelms them instead. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Nathan Cheek about how consumers respond to differing levels of choice when they shop – how much is too much, too little, or just right?

Dr. Nathan Cheek

Dr. Nathan Cheek is an assistant professor of psychological sciences at Purdue University. His research lies at the intersection of social cognition and judgement and decision-making – focusing on prejudice and inequality, and choice processes.

Nick Lising-White

Nicholas Lising-White is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. With a degree in human geography from UCL, he is interested in the impact of differing cultural conditions on human behaviour. Outside of work, he can be found meandering between cafes on his bike, testing his culinary skills, and intermittently pottering around a rugby pitch.