20 Jul 2023
Is rent-vesting the way to property ownership?

As Australia’s housing market skyrockets, young Australians are finding ways to get on the property ladder. A record number of first home buyers are eschewing the ‘great Australian dream’ in favour of ‘rent-vesting’: buying property in affordable postcodes so they can rent in better locations.

Dr. Laurence Troy is a senior lecturer at the University of Sydney specialising in housing, urban development, and social policy. His research focuses on urban renewal, the governance of urban change, the economies of housing and urban development, and the role of urbanisation in shaping modern society. He is also the director of the University of Sydney’s Australian Housing and Urbanism Research Institute (AHUR).

Cate Bakos is a property acquisition specialist and managing director of Cate Bakos Property. She is a renowned Australian property expert and buyer’s advocate with over 20 years of experience. With expertise in negotiations, due diligence, and portfolio management, she provides tailored advice to homebuyers and investors. Bakos’ contributions to consumer education and her book, Successful Property Investment: Unlock the Secrets of the Experts, have solidified her reputation as a trusted voice in the real estate industry.

Rosamund Brennan is a writer and editor based in Fremantle, Western Australia. She specialises in culture and social justice, and has been published in The Guardian, Deutsche Welle and The Australian, among others.