What’s driving sound system culture in Africa?
3 Jul 2023
What’s driving sound system culture in Africa?

Pulsating beats, booming basslines, and immersive sound experiences, Africa has taken centre stage as it is currently witnessing a surge in the emergence of sound system culture. But what’s behind the rise of this cultural phenomenon, and how is it shaping the vibrant music scene in Africa?

Ifeoluwa James Falola

Ifeoluwa James Falola is a Nigerian culture journalist and media executive with an uncanny knack for identifying the pulse of the media industry, platforming emerging talents, and highlighting stories that resonate with readers. Falola is most passionate about culture-shaping individuals, the stories that shape these individuals, and the community that is formed as a result of them. With a vast portfolio of culture coverage across international platforms that extends from Davido to mental health of Nigerian soldiers, Falola wants to be the voice of reason for a generation that only now acknowledges what it means to be African and proud.

Kwadwo Badu

Kwadwo Badu, best known as DJ Kwanzy, was born in the southeast side of London and raised in Ghana, West Africa. He has gained prominence in the Amapiano scene through his unmatched talent, and his unique background as a West African artist now living in the UK further infuses the genre with a fresh perspective. Badu connects with audiences in both the UK and Africa, acting as a bridge between the two regions while spreading the amapiano sound globally. His brand as a music producer and DJ has flourished in recent years, with his remixes and original songs gaining recognition from notable DJs worldwide like DBN logo, Vyno Miller, Din Stone, and Tiffany Calvar.

Robert Solomon

Robert Solomon is a music and fashion journalist based in Lagos, Nigeria. Since establishing his blog in 2015, speaking to a combined global audience of over 10,000, he has worked alongside creatives in the music and fashion industry. His writings have been employed by the likes of Rolling Stone, Paper Magazine, Notion, Mixmag, The Guardian, GUAP, and many more.