Why are Australian kidults prioritising play?
1 Jun 2023
Why are Australian kidults prioritising play?

When the world grows harsh, Gen Yers and Xers turn to nostalgia for comfort. We saw it almost a decade ago with the rise of adult colouring books for mindfulness – and now grown-ups are turning to LEGO, superheroes, and Star Wars. So, what does this mean? And what opportunities does it present?

Chris Loverso

Chris Loverso is the co-founder and managing director at Big Balloon, a full-service toy distributor in Australia, which distributes brands including Pokémon, Cabbage Patch Kids, Peppa Pig, Stretch Armstrong, and Bum Bums.

Angie Tutt

Angie Tutt is a senior director of marketing at LEGO Group. Tutt has more than a decade of experience working in marketing LEGO in Australia and the UK.

Alice Clarke

Alice Clarke is an award-winning journalist, producer, presenter, and script writer from Melbourne, Australia. She specialises in games, technology, TV, music, opinion, and general pop culture.