Trust an AI? The science of the ‘word-of-machine’ effect
5 Feb 2021
Trust an AI? The science of the ‘word-of-machine’ effect

Algorithms have become central to discovering new music and products online – but are machine-led recommendations always welcome? Canvas8 spoke to Chiara Longoni, an assistant professor at Boston University, to understand how people’s goals impact their willingness to trust AI.

Chiara Longoni

Dr. Chiari Longoni is a behavioural scientist and assistant professor of marketing at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. Her research explores the social impact of artificial intelligence and technology, sustainability, and consumer and societal welfare. She also specialises in issues related to medical decision-making, sustainability in consumer and firm behaviour, and messaging to promote consumer and societal wellbeing.

Ope Oduwole

Ope Oduwole is a junior behavioral analyst at Canvas8. He has a BA from the University of Nottingham and leans on the inquisitive nature of his studies. With an avid interest in all things creative, if he’s not at a concert or poetry reading, he’s buried inside a book with a cup of green tea.