Good times! The science of having fun
10 Jun 2022
Good times! The science of having fun

From weighted hula hooping to D&D campaigns, people have very different ideas of a good time, yet the promise of consumer fun drives entire industries. Canvas8 interviewed Professor Travis Tae Oh about the psychological pillars that make something fun and how brands can help people maximise good times.

Dr. Travis Tae Oh

Dr. Travis Tae Oh is an assistant professor of marketing at the Sy Syms School of Business, Yeshiva University. His primary research interests explore the underlying psychological processes and meanings of consumption experiences, with a focus on conceptualising and investigating positive experiences in people's lives.

Katy Young

Katy Young is a Canvas8 senior behavioural analyst. She has a degree in American Studies and Film and an MA in Journalism. Her interests include wild swimming, thinking of podcast ideas and singing in an all-female choir.