Luxury Sector Snapshot: June 2022
1 Jun 2022
Luxury Sector Snapshot: June 2022

How is a values-first approach changing luxury for conscious consumers? Why are people seeking exciting storytelling over brand legacy? Who are the luxury consumers keen to indicate their exquisite taste? And how are global luxury shoppers reshaping the face of HNW purchasing?

Pamela Danziger

Pamela Danziger is an internationally recognised luxury market expert, author, and speaker who has specialised knowledge of the world's most influential consumers. A former recipient of the Global Luxury Award, she has also been named one of Luxury Daily's 'Women to Watch'. She's the author of ten books, including Meet the HENRYs: The Millennials that Matter Most for Luxury Brands. As a senior contributor, she writes on the broader retail market with a special emphasis on consumer trends and innovative retailers that are leaning into them.