Is letter-writing the antidote to digital burnout?
5 May 2022
Is letter-writing the antidote to digital burnout?

In the ‘new normal’, people are re-evaluating every component of their lives, in particular the way we stay in touch. With many seeking alternative, slower ways to communicate, there’s a chance to subvert the pace of connection by offering experiences that resonate in more meaningful ways.

Ben Grosser

Ben Grosser creates interactive experiences, machines, and systems that examine the cultural, social, and political effects of software. His works have been featured in The New Yorker, Wired, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Washington Post, El País, Libération, SüddeutscheZeitung, and DerSpiegel.

Dmitry Minkovsky

Dmitry Minkovsky is a software developer and the creator of messenger app Pony. He lives in Maryland with his wife Rachel and son Jack.

Natascha Nanji

Natascha Nanji is an artist and writer with a background in Anthropology and Fine Art. She contributes to art journals, museums and tech agencies and works with arts organisations to enhance their digital systems and communications. Natascha studied cultural criticism at the Royal College of Art and is co-editor/publisher of LAY IT ON THICK, a literary magazine orbiting themes around desire and erotics.