#Boycott! The science of hashtag activism
27 Apr 2022
#Boycott! The science of hashtag activism

Social media is a great resource for amplifying individual voices, and people are using this quality to mobilise against brands and institutions that fail to meet their expectations. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Doreen Chung and Dr. Kyuree Kim about how people organise around hashtags on social media.

Dr. Doreen Chung

Dr. Doreen Chung is an associate professor in Iowa State University’s Department of apparel, events, and hospitality management. Her research interests centre on social network analysis and consumer behaviour in digital environments.

Dr. Kyuree Kim

Dr. Kyuree Kim is an adjunct faculty at the University of Houston and a consumer behaviour researcher.

Nick Lising-White

Nicholas Lising-White is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. With a degree in human geography from UCL, he is interested in the impact of differing cultural conditions on human behaviour. Outside of work, he can be found meandering between cafes on his bike, testing his culinary skills, and intermittently pottering around a rugby pitch.