Can less be more? The science of minimalism
1 Apr 2022
Can less be more? The science of minimalism

From tiny home offices to naturally simplistic aesthetics, a ‘less is more’ mantra has long been considered the secret to happiness. Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Annie Wilson to better understand the mindsets behind minimalism and what opportunities this behaviour presents to brands.

Dr. Annie Wilson

Dr Annie Wilson is a lecturer of Marketing at the Wharton School. She received a PhD in Marketing from Harvard Business School and a BA in English and Psychology from Georgetown University. Her research interests include minimalism, signalling in consumer behaviour, and responses to resource scarcity

John Firth

John Firth is a behavioural analyst at Canvas8. He holds a master’s degree in research methods and previously studied sociology. When not working, he can be found galavanting around London pubs with friends while trying to informally promote rugby league to anyone willing to listen.