Are we entering a new media age of Afro-visualism?
17 Mar 2022
Are we entering a new media age of Afro-visualism?

The concept of Afro-futurism is hardly new, but it’s emerged into pop culture in a big way since the mid-2010s, envisioning a hopeful future for a tech-savvy African diaspora. How are online communities and younger generations of Americans helping to usher in this new age of Afro-visualism?

Dr. Reynaldo Anderson

Dr. Reynaldo Anderson is an associate professor of Africology and African American Studies at Temple University and the executive director and co-founder of the Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM).

Dr. Grace Gipson

Dr. Grace Gipson is a Black future feminist/pop culture scholar whose research explores Black popular culture, digital humanities, representations of race and gender within comic books, Afro-futurism, and race and new media.

Dr. Tammy Hodo

Dr. Tammy Hodo is a professional diversity and inclusivity consultant and the founder and CEO of All Things Diverse, LLC.

David Jamison

Dr. David Jamison is a writer, activist, and public educator. He has a doctorate in African diaspora history from Indiana University and a bachelor’s degree in English from UCLA. He has taught public high school in both Brooklyn, New York, and Los Angeles, California, and has attended and presented at several international conferences on Africana studies. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with his wife and daughter.