Why are craft beer fans infatuated with cartoon labels?
10 Mar 2022
Why are craft beer fans infatuated with cartoon labels?

The label on a can or bottle of beer can be a powerful marketing tool for craft breweries. While styles vary from abstract shapes to retro flair, many brands and enthusiasts have come to cherish animation-inspired designs. But why exactly are British drinkers drawn to this aesthetic?

Pete Brown

Pete Brown worked in marketing and brand consultancy for many years before he published his first book, about the history of beer and pubs. Since then he has combined careers as a multi-award-winning author, journalist, and broadcaster specialising in food and drink, and a consultant in marketing, branding and strategy, working with food and drink clients, including the world’s biggest brewers and cider makers, and many distillers. This combination gives him a unique perspective. Brown's consultancy work keeps his knowledge of food and drink markets up-to-date, while his writing allows him to explore interesting issues, trends, developments, stories, deep history, provenance, and people in great depth.

Anna Managò

Anna Managò is a brand strategist with over a decade of experience holding senior positions in strategy and innovation. She’s the co-founder of ByVolume, a strategic drinks and hospitality branding studio that exists to build story-driven brands fit for the future. Anna asks the tough questions that help resolve brand challenges, and she’s even judged beer competitions.

Jacopo Mazzeo

Dr. Jacopo Mazzeo is a freelance wine and drinks journalist and consultant.
He regularly contributes to leading trade and consumer publications including Wine Enthusiast, Whisky Magazine, Decanter, Meininger, Club Oenologique, Harper's, Pix Wine, and Good Beer Hunting. He consults on consumer trends and marketing strategy and offers copywriting services to drinks firms and agencies. Jacopo is a former sommelier, he judges international wine, beer, and spirits competitions, and sat twice on the board of directors of the British Guild of Beer Writers. Before he embraced full-time journalism, he studied musicology at the University of Bologna and took a PhD at the University of Southampton.