What's next for LGBTQIA+ representation in film and TV?
21 Feb 2022
What's next for LGBTQIA+ representation in film and TV?

From children’s cartoons to period dramas, queer storylines are featuring more prominently in mainstream film and TV – challenging long-held assumptions of heternormativity across culture. What is the next frontier when it comes to accurate and nuanced portrayals of LGBTQIA+ identities on screen?

Anne Kustritz

Professor Anne Kustritz is an assistant professor in media and culture studies at Utrecht University. Her teaching focuses on convergence and new media ethnography. Her work deals with creative fan communities, digital economies, transmedia business practices, queer representation, and intersectional queer and feminist theory. Her articles appear in Camera Obscura, Feminist Media Studies, The Journal of American Culture, and Refractory.

Tom Novak

Tom Novak is a senior behavioral analyst at Canvas8. After completing his second master's degree in cultural sociology at LSE, he was drawn to cultural insight. Tom has conducted qualitative and ethnographic research from the plazas of Santiago to Coventry's suburbs. In his spare time, he can be seen rowing down the Thames or world-building around feminist science fiction.