How are women in Germany reclaiming pleasure?
27 Oct 2021
How are women in Germany reclaiming pleasure?

As the taboos surrounding sexual health and wellness fade, women in Germany are looking to take charge of their pleasure- and health-related needs. So, how can brands and organisations break down the barriers to accessing support and make services and products as inclusive as possible?

Danni Lovefox

Danni Lovefox is a certified somatic sexologist, bodyworker, and teacher of the tantric path. Through her website, Snatch Land, the Berlin-based practitioner offers trauma-informed embodiment coaching to men, women, and couples, where she employs techniques such as massage, meditation, and one-on-one sessions to provide people with the tools to continue the work by themselves. Her focus areas include working through scar tissue, increasing pleasure, and boundary coaching.

Regine Wlassitschau

Regine Wlassitschau is part of the Pro Familia organisation based in Frankfurt am Main. The organisation has centres across the country and offers advice to young people, parents, and schools on areas such as family planning, sex education, and sexual counselling. Women’s sexual and reproductive health is also a focus for the organisation, and it offers advice on contraception, pregnancy, childbirth, and abortion.

Marilou Lucie Pelmont

Marilou Lucie Pelmont is a pleasure activist, freelance consultant, and writer based in Berlin. With a background in anthropology from SOAS in London, her areas of interest include youth empowerment in European affairs, veganism diversity and inclusion, sexual health and wellbeing, and decolonisation. She has worked with a sexual health and wellbeing network called Pinky Promise that hosts events and workshops on topics such as BDSM, healing, and sexual expression.

Gouri Sharma

Gouri Sharma is an internationally renowned independent journalist from London living in Berlin writing for international media sites including Al Jazeera English and Deutsche Welle. Amid a career spanning nearly two decades, including five years on the production desk for Al Jazeera's flagship media critique show The Listening Post, Gouri now writes on issues such as race, culture, migration, history, and sexual health and wellness. With each report, she aims to draw out the individual story amid the wider political or historical context; centring the human story is a priority, in particular amplifying the voices of those from marginalised communities whose stories are not as visible.