Why are at-home cooks seeking innovation?
24 Jun 2021
Why are at-home cooks seeking innovation?

Lockdowns led many people to use food as a route to new experiences during the pandemic. But amid growing demand for fresher, more convenient, and sustainable products, brands face a challenge in delivering innovation beyond gimmicks. So, how can they keep Britons experimenting in the kitchen?

Thea Bourke-Borrowes

Thea Bourke-Borrowes is the founder of Eight Thirty, which produces 100% natural instant flavour shots. The range has been designed to boost everyday breakfast dishes with five powdered flavours that include acia, blackcurrant and vanilla, and strawberry and vanilla.

Rina Meneghini

Rina Meneghini is the co-founder of Zing Foods. The company is committed to flavour and innovation, and was the first to bring flavoured coconut cooking oils to market. Its products are vegan, gluten-free, natural, and ethically sourced.

Alexandra Hayes

Alexandra Hayes is a food and drink consultant who specialises in bespoke food trends and consumer insight. Her work supports the biggest food producers, retailers, and hospitality brands in the UK.