Show don’t tell! The science of diversity dishonesty
25 Sep 2020
Show don’t tell! The science of diversity dishonesty

From BLM protests to corporate pledges, dedication to racial and social justice is mounting. But what does authentic change look like? Canvas8 spoke to Dr. Leigh Wilton, psychology professor at Skidmore College, to understand why companies should show, rather than say, what they’re doing.

Dr. Leigh Wilton

Dr. Leigh Wilton is an experimental social psychologist at Skidmore College whose work focuses on gender, race, and the consequences of interpersonal interactions. Her research interests include diversity, intergroup relations, multiracial identity, and intersectionality.

Hannah Elderfield

Hannah Elderfield is an associate insight director at Canvas8. With a background in psychology, she’s advised global brands from Nike and Instagram to Perrier Jouet and the British Government. She also leads the Science Of series on the Library, translating advancements from the academic world into actionable insights for members.