Are online meds the cure for cost-conscious Americans?
25 Jun 2020
Are online meds the cure for cost-conscious Americans?

As COVID-19 upends usual modes of shopping, Americans are exploring safer ways of accessing essentials – including medication. How might the pandemic boost the long-term appeal of online pharmacies? And beyond convenience, what are the advantages of getting prescriptions this way?

Dr. Eleanor Vogt

Dr. Eleanor Vogt is a Professor Emerita at the UCSF School of Pharmacy. Her career spans positions within academia, clinical pharmacy practice, the pharmaceutical industry, health policy and planning, regulatory affairs, patient safety advocacy, and wellbeing and resiliency education.

Dr. James Kuperberg

Dr. James Kuperberg is a retired professor of health administration and health policy and the former commissioner of the Wisconsin Hospital Rate-Setting Commission.

Dr. Jodi Segal

Dr. Jodi Segal is a professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University and a co-director at the school’s Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness. She is internationally recognized as a clinician-investigator in comparative effectiveness research and pharmacoepidemiology.

Erin Levitsky

Erin Levitsky is based in Toronto, where she is equal parts writer and photography curator. Her background is in media theory, technoculture, and photography history and preservation.